The Birth of an Alpha (Rise of the Pride, Book 4) - Theresa Hissong

The Birth of an Alpha (Rise of the Pride, Book 4)

By Theresa Hissong

  • Release Date: 2017-02-06
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Size: 935.6 KB

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The Birth of an Alpha
Rise of the Pride (Book 4)

The elders of the pride have told the story of an invisible thread that binds us to our mates.
The connection is more powerful than any god could create and stronger than any war could destroy.
It has been said that the only way to truly kill a shifter is to have their mate taken from their side.
Even in death, their love will never perish…

Talon has never been more in love with his mate than in the months leading up to the arrival of their first born, the next alpha to the Shaw pride. His cub’s birth should be surrounded by celebration, but when Talon’s mother falls ill and Liberty goes into labor, the alpha must balance his emotions for the sake of his people.

The presence of something otherworldly sends Talon and his Guardians on the search for answers to a mysterious phenomenon. When the truth is revealed, Talon must accept what has been written by fate, even if he doesn’t agree.

This is a novella and must be read in order with the series.