Clan Season 3: Season Finale - Calum's Farewell - Leigh Barker

Clan Season 3: Season Finale - Calum's Farewell

By Leigh Barker

  • Release Date: 2018-03-05
  • Genre: Historical
  • Size: 157.6 KB

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Clan: Season 3, Season Finale. Calum’s Farewell
...Calum and John stand with the conscripts on a silent moor and wait for the three hundred professional cavalry to charge.
And in the shelter of the woods the Albino sits his horse and waits for the massacre. It gives him no pleasure, that would require feelings and he has none. It is simply business. In return the slaughter of the young men the Spymaster will give him gold so that he can return to Austria and reclaim his birthright.

And if by some miracle Calum survives this day, he knows he has a heart-wrenching decision to make. Find his love and stay in his beloved Scotland, or walk away never to return.

And as the English cavalry bring their chargers to a trot, Beatrice York and her cousin Crispen are planning more torment for the highlanders already reeling from the Viceroy's draconian laws.

There has never been a darker day for our hero or for his country.