Two Captains, One Chair: An Alaskan Romantic Comedy - Shaye Marlow

Two Captains, One Chair: An Alaskan Romantic Comedy

By Shaye Marlow

  • Release Date: 2019-02-01
  • Genre: Contemporary
  • Size: 497.09 KB

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Rocking sparkly purple toenails under a pair of steel-toe boots, Suzy is a river barge captain in the Alaskan Bush. She’s a tiny gossip with big problems: her able-bodied barge boy just left her high and dry, she can’t sleep, her best friend Helly is getting all the action… and now, someone’s stolen her gold nugget.

Ed is a nice guy. He’s a bushrat with a big beard, a knack for fixing things, and a wardrobe consisting of flannel… period. He’s the only man who can help Suzy with her problems, but he’s also her most likely suspect. And Ed has a secret, one which Suzy will go to great lengths—even if those lengths are measured in rope—to uncover.

Enter Helly’s brothers, who rob Suzy of orgasms, harass her wildlife, and break her roof. Add in a whole Passion Party’s worth of tipsy women, a pet goat bent on revenge, conniving fishing guides… and Suzy’s belligerent dad, who’s got a hard-on for the law.

In the resulting madness—amongst big criminal acts, little criminal acts, and ones that are juuuust right—will Suzy have a fighting chance of finding her gold nugget? Or will she discover just how bad Ed can be?

Laugh till your face hurts with this wacky contemporary romance. Follow a cast of quirky characters as they maraud through the Alaska Bush, violating the basic tenets of civilization to bring you another sexy, ridiculous adventure.

*Can be read as a standalone.
*No cliffhanger on this steamy, feel-good romance.